Heshima Denham

Heshima Speaks about Amend The 13th for the California Prisoners Human Rights March Aug 19 2017

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByWc8GerU1U]

We hope that the movement to abolish legal slavery will from now on be on the agenda’s of those who are supposed to represent the people in the U.S.A., but we know a lot still has to be done.

Amend The 13th also has pilot plans to build stronger, more vibrant and resourceful communities, so that prisons will become obsolete. In the near future, we need help, volunteers, to build this new society together.

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Link to Heshima’s speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByWc8GerU1U

Link (in Dutch) to well-read progressive Dutch Newsblog ‘Krapuul’ about the 13th Amendment:


Join us and let’s make a better society with all, for all!

Amend The 13th: Why the Prisoners Human Rights March is vital to Social Change in Amerika

By Joka Heshima Jinsai, Executive Director, Amend The 13th: Abolish Legal Slavery in Amerika Movement

Working towards the success of the Millions for Prisoners March has been a central theme of the “Amend The 13”’s agenda since the outset. In a movement dedicated to not only abolishing legal slavery in Amerika, but transforming the nature and structure of unequal social, political and economic relationships upon which mass incarceration is based, support for the March is of course obvious – but what is not so obvious is why this march is vital to the very future of progressive social change in Amerika.

Since the inception of this nation, Amerikans have been conditioned to dehumanize certain segments of the population in order to advance a particular economic, social, political, cultural, and in some cases, military agenda of its ruling class. Be it the dehumanization of New Afrikans (Blacks) to profit from the system of chattel slavery, the dehumanization of immigrants and muslims to advance a fascist political agenda, or the dehumanization of those convicted of a ‘crime’ to maintain the profit and political power of an entrenched prison-industrial interest – the process of stripping groups of people of their humanity is always accompanied by both a specific interest of the party(s) promoting that dehumanizing narrative and an uninformed (or misinformed) public receiving that narrative.

As a result of this conditioning, many are apathetic towards some of the most egrerious injustices occurring in our society – many of those injustices being carried out in their name (“The People”) – oblivious to their origins or negative impact until it affects them directly. By that time, most of these social ills have matured into social crises, and overcoming them becomes a much more protracted struggle.

Such a social perspective in a pluralistic society is not only irrational, it is dangerous. The basis of tis irrational action (or in this case, inaction) is ignorance. Many just don’t know the etiology of these social ills, how they impact their lives or those they love, or in many cases that they even exist. What must be understood is, msas incarceration and legal slavery in Amerika is interconnected to so many points of economic, political and social life, and so many aspects of the U.S. government, corporate Amerika and their core institutions, that ensuring that the public is aware of these interconnections is simply not in the state’s interest; maintaining social ignorance of them is. It is within that ignorance that they can maintain dehumanization as a viable tool of social policy, while limiting opposition to their doing so.

This is why the Millions for Prisoners March for Human Rights is so vital to the future of progressive social change in Amerika. The March is not just an opportunity to organize like-minded people to oppose a historic evil, or mobilize the conscious to restructure social relationships to more surely secure freedom, justice and equality for all of us – but even more importantly, it provides the opportunity to educate the unconscious, to inform the unaware and to provide the truth to those who have been fed lies.

The Millions for Prisoners March will force this nation to confront its Scroll with text of 13th Amendment and slavery exemptioncontradictions; force it to recognize the interconnection of mass incarceration and legal slavery in Amerika to broken homes, to high school drop out rates, voter exclusion, institutional racism, homelessness, drug addiction, gang violence, mental illness, suicide, government corruption, community dysfunction, criminalization of cultures, political repression, hunger, economic desperation and human misery.

As more people become aware of what has occurred in this society (what has always occurred), the origin of these contradictions and how they harm so many, they will be moved to action. There is no area of social progress not directly (or indirectly) impacted by mass incarceration and legal slavery in Amerika. As such, every progressive activist, organization and individual should seek to support or participate in the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March, August 19th, 2017, in Washington, DC and locally.


Continue to build up with us up to and beyond the March at: Amendthe13th.org.

We can transform the nature and structure of this society through our unity. Wherever social cooperation is increased, oppression is weakened.

Think on these things, they are cause for great meditation.


Please donate towards our Typewriter fund for Amend The 13th!

Update July 20 2017:
We were able to order a typewriter for Abdul, which he shares with Heshima, and Heshima has been able to mend his old one. Thank you for donating, this really makes a big difference!

We sent donations gathered for Malik to him, but we are still short of funds for his typewriter. We need about 200 USD still!

We have been crowdfunding to get Amend The 13th-founder Heshima and Free-Speech-Society-founder Abdul typewriters, as well as our Abolish13- Texas inside-coordinator Malik.

photo of an electronic typewriter for prisoners

These are the types of electronic typewriters allowed in CA prisons

Typewriters, however old-fashioned they seem to us on the outside, are very important for authors, essayists, inventors, artists, correspondents in prison. The ones sold to people inside via official vendors often break soon, because during collective cell searches the typewriters are often malhandled.

Also, in the SHU (solitary confinement) the prisoners are not allowed dust caps on their electric typewriters, and therefore the machines degenerate quickly. Now that Heshima and Abdul are in general population, the issue is mal-handling of the machines during cellsearches. Malik however is in Texas in solitary.

The typewriters allowed need ribbons, correction tape and paper. This all costs money. This is where the men need our assistance.

Our crowdfunder is hosted at YouCaring, a platform that does not take extra % of donations. It works via Paypal. You can also contact us and make a donation directly to us via Paypal (whch we will make visible on the crowdfunder), but we can unfortunately not accept cheques.

Right now we have enough for one typewriter of the 3 we need. If we now have 16 people donating 25 USD each, we could buy 3 typewriters excluding ribbons, paper etc.

Please share this post with people who may donate, however small a donation, everything is welcome 🙂 THANK YOU!!