Sustainable Agricultural Commune

New S.A.C. logo © by Heshima Denham

Our new S.A.C. logo, © Heshima Denham

The concept behind the Sustainable Agricultural Commune, or S.A.C., is, that we can transform our communities from food deserts into self-sustained food baskets through our collective work & cooperation, was one born from you, the people.

I believe we are capable of not only feeding and funding our communities through communal agriculture, but of pushing back against the social alienation and individualistic pursuits contributing to the social ills which plague us all.

Working together, and benefitting from that work collectively, is the surest way to demonstrate the power and potential of our unity.

But practice is the criterion of truth. Your participation and that of your community will demonstrate if we truly have the capacity to be free. Become a member or volunteer for the S.A.C. today. Together we can change the world