Sustainable Agricultural Commune

New S.A.C. logo © by Heshima Denham

Our new S.A.C. logo, © Heshima Denham

The concept behind the Sustainable Agricultural Commune, or S.A.C., is, that we can transform our communities from food deserts into self-sustained food baskets through our collective work & cooperation, was one born from you, the people.

I believe we are capable of not only feeding and funding our communities through communal agriculture, but of pushing back against the social alienation and individualistic pursuits contributing to the social ills which plague us all.

Working together, and benefitting from that work collectively, is the surest way to demonstrate the power and potential of our unity.

But practice is the criterion of truth. Your participation and that of your community will demonstrate if we truly have the capacity to be free. Become a member or volunteer for the S.A.C. today. Together we can change the world


We seek you – serious, sincere and determined people!

We are witnessing an unrelented rise in state attacks on the most basic social and economic safeguards which provide some relieve to nationally oppressed communities, while a new commitment to ramp-up social containment and mass incarceration policies has been declared by the Justice Department of Jeff Sessions.

We will never realize paths to liberation laid by those who have demonstrated [that] their national interests are served by our further oppression, by a regression toward quasi-Jim Crow Apartheid and second-class citizenship for new Afrikans, Latinos, immigrants, and the poor.

This leaves us with a single rationale course: to provide for ourselves those institutions which will ensure that our communities can feed, clothe, heal, house, educate and defend themselves; to build a new basis upon which we can all relate to one another, founded upon collective work and responsibility.

This is the reason Amend The 13th developed the Autonomous Infrastructure Mission (A.I.M.), because we understand the inescapable connection between intentionally underdeveloped and disenfranchised communities and the reality of legal slavery in Amerika.

But none of this insight will mean a thing without ACTION!

We are seeking serious, sincere and determined people willing to serve as local coordinators for the A.I.M. or one of its initiatives.

We are also seeking state and local coordinators to start chapters of Amend The 13th in your area (if one doesn’t already exist). Choose one of the support activities below and contact me directly or contact us online, and one of our activists will get back at you immediately. Our social practice is the surest path to the type of society we’d all like to live in. Join us in bringing it to life.

Joka Heshima Jinsai
Executive Director, Amend The 13th

Heshima Denham J38283
KVSP B2-117
P.O. Box 5102
Delano, CA 93216

– Community Development Coordinator (A.I.M.)
– Local Coordinator for:

– Local coordinator (for Amend The 13th)
– P.O. Box holder (and distributor of mail by scanning or typing, forwarding)
– Distributor
– Copy service
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Prisoners Human Rights Rally San Jose California – part 2

These two video’s were made by the Santa Clara Green Party, of speeches and the march in San Jose, for the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in Solidarity, August 19th, 2017:

Link to the video

California Prison Focus with Rise Up for Justice organize a sister march, Millions for Prisoners Human Rights, a new Abolitionist Movement in San Jose, CA on 8/19/17. Co-Sponsored by the Green Party.”

Link to the second video

Prisoners Human Rights Rally Sister March in San Jose-Cali

The SF Bayview posted this report on the Millions for Prisoners Marches that took place on August 19th around the country.

In New Mexico, the local news station had this report from Albuquerque.

Thanks to Sillicon Valley Debug, a glimpse of the march against prison slavery, for prisoner human rights, in San Jose, CA, where Heshima’s speech was also made audible.


Ramona Africa was a speaker at the DC rally. Here she is being interviewed:

Bradley Allen wrote on IndyBay: Solidarity in San José with Millions for Prisoners March in DC  (with many photos)

Here is an article by Jared Ware, entitled As A Nation Grapples With White Supremacy, The Millions For Prisoners March Comes At The Perfect Time (it unfortunately does not mention our efforts, but we know we are part of a larger movement anyway)