Autonomous Infrastructure Mission (A13-AIM)

Amend The 13th Autonomous Infrastructure Mission (AIM)

Legal slavery in Amerika is grounded in the foundation of poverty, inequality, economic desperation, racial hatred, educational underdevelopment. These social ills breed the community instability which gives rise to the criminalization of our people, upon which the prison-industrial slave complex (PISC) is based.

The primary aim of Amend The 13th is not legislative. The slave provision of the 13th Amendment could be stricken tomorrow. But if the institutions, which have preserved legal slavery in Amerika continue to be the primary basis of the infrastructure in our communities, the social ills they inevitably produce will continue to perpetuate defacto ‘legal’ dehumanization and exploitation.

If we are to eliminate the basis of legal slavery in Amerika, we must develop our own Autonomous Infrastructure, capable of diminishing the criminalization, which fuels imprisonment – an infrastructure built for us, of us and by us.

To that end, the Amend The 13th Autonomous Infrastructure Mission (AIM) is the backbone of our movement to abolish legal slavery in Amerika.
The origin of crime is the disproportionate distributions of wealth, access and opportunity in society. If the origin of legal slavery is criminalization, and the origin of criminalization is disorganizing poverty-stricken communities, the solution is to eradicate the poverty and disorganization of our communities through our own autonomous infrastructure. One capable of meeting our basic needs, while increasing the wealth and prosperity in our communities.

The Amend The 13th Autonomous Infrastructure Mission – or A13 AIM – will provide each community with a functional blueprint and structure to forge our own social, economic, educational, agricultural, political, self-defense and emergency response infrastructure, which are independent of the state and wholly self-reliant.

Each initiative of the AIM is designed to work in interconnection. Much like different mechanisms of a machine are brought together to form a complex system, the various initiatives of the AIM come together to form a single Autonomous Community-based Infrastructure.

Unlike other well-intended but ultimately ill-effective community development efforts, which are reliant on activists coming from outside the community to implement these programs, the A13-AIM relies almost exclusively on staff and participants drawn from activists and volunteers from that community to implement its initiative.

This reliance on indigenous staffing will ensure that the development of the AIM is responsive to the unique conditions on the ground in that community.

This approach will also ensure deeper trust, broader participation, and a vested interest in the success of these efforts by the community as a whole.

The primary initiatives of the Amend The 13th-AIM will include:

– The Sustainable Agricultural Commune (S.A.C.)
– The Closed Circuit Economic Initiative (C.C.E.I.)
– The Youth Community Action Program (YCAP): A cultural institution for mentorship will be developed within the YCAP
– The New Afrikan Math and Science Centers Initiative
– Emergency Response Network (ERN)
– Community Safe-Zones Initiative (CSZI)
– Secure Communities Mandate (SCM)

Each of these communities will be mutually supportive, yet independently developed, as the periods of maturation for some of these efforts differ from others. For example: some are long range efforts, like the C.C.E.I., while others are short-range efforts and can almost immediately be implemented, such as the S.A.C.

Join us!

It is our aim to pursue complete community participation in the various initiatives of the AIM, fostering a cultural transition to collective work and responsibility in every community where the AIM is organized.

The success of these efforts will be determined by our ability to educate, organize and mobilize the people to stand up and conquer their rights, to assume personal and collective responsibility for the empowerment of our own communities, our own futures, our own lives.

We encourage you to volunteer and financially support the Amend The 13th Autonomous Infrastructure Mission, whenever and however you can, at the local, state, and national level. Its success is dependent on you, the people. Thank you for your time.

Joka Heshima Jinsai,
Executive Director

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