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Greetings and Solidarity from the “Amend the 13th” National Coordinating Committee (NCC).
Thank you for your interest in joining us in the Movement to abolish ‘legal’ slavery in Amerika.

Who are we?

We are people forming an all-inclusive, coalition-based national campaign, and a community-based organizing effort determined to remove the legal and social basis for the dehumanization of those subject to the U.S. courts, and finally abolish slavery in Amerika once and for all. With your help we can realize these aims, and together, build a more equal and prosperous society for all.

You can select one of the support activities below (or let us know if you can do something that is not on the list) and click on submit, or print and return this application, along with your contact info, to the “Amend the 13th” Coordinating Committee and you will be contacted by a facilitator. Thank you!

Wherever social cooperation grows, oppression is weakened.
Your support and participation will ensure this historic change is realized.

Select the support activity(s) you are interested in volunteering for below in our form:

– Typing/Printing
– Copy Services
– P.O. Box Holder
– Legal Consultant (must be a legal professional or law student)
– Community Development Activist (requires working in community infrastructural development projects, etc.)
– Distributor (requires passing out flyers, petitions, surveys, in communities, on campuses, etc.)
– Fundraiser (requires working with local “Amend the 13th” Treasurers to raise funds for the Movement)
– Local Organizer (requires working with local “Amend the 13th” Secretary to organize demonstrations, rallys, community development labor, etc.)
– Local Coordinator (if no chapter of “Amend the 13th” exists in your city you would start one in conjunction with your State’s Coordinator or the National Coordinating Commitee (N.C.C.))
– Donor (to donate to “Amend the 13th” contact our online Facilitator at Amendthe13th [@] (remove brackets and spaces)
– Sponsor (to sponsor “Amend the 13th” contact our National Facilitator at Amendthe13th [@] (remove brackets and spaces))
– Anything else you would like to bring that helps the campaign
– Like us, follow us, share, spread the word!

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If you want to join us, please write us and let us know the following:

Your name:
How can we reach you: Mailing Address:
City: State/Country: Zip:
Social Media Contact(s):     Twitter:         Facebook:    Instagram:

Write us at:

Heshima Denham J38283
KVSP B2-117
P.O. Box 5102
Delano, CA 93216