A Call For Us To Ride For Our Right To Be Free

Shining Freedom, Justice and Equality upon ALL


Amend The 13th Logo in black and white, cop. Heshima DenhamDid you know slavery is still legal ? Real talk. The 13th Amendment allows for ‘legal’ slavery of all those covicted of a crime. That means ANYONE you know who’s been to the pen, who are in the pen now or even been sentenced for a felony is, by law, a SLAVE. They can’t vote, can’t strike in prison, can’t hold certain jobs or professional licenses, can’t run their own business while in prison, have no right to privacy once released and in every way are second class citizens. Because mass-incarceration impacts where we live so much and so negatively, we HAVE TO ACT.

That they have a multi-billion dollar industry built on locking us up and making sure our Sistas and Brothas get out with few prospects for survival except hustling in the street (which they know will bring them right back to prison) is the best proof nothing in Amerika has changed. It’s the best proof we have to do something to fight back; something to stop the criminalization of our children and our neighborhoods, this re-enslavement of our People. No one’s going to help us but us, and together we CAN uplift our communities.

To make this happen we organized the AMEND THE 13TH: ABOLISH LEGAL SLAVERY IN AMERIKA MOVEMENT; a Movement that not only seeks to abolish the legal slavery clause of the U.S. Constitution, but build our own businesses owned and operated by us, grow our own gardens/farms to feed ourselves, our own community-based classes and training to educate ourselves, our own security capability so we can defend ourselves, our own political and social institutions to empower ourselves – all so we are no longer vulnerable to just getting locked-up and reduced to modern day slaves.

But this is YOUR Movement, and it won’t move without you. We have to get up and move to conquer our rights right now, and ‘Amend the 13th’ and its ‘Autonomous Infrastructure Mission’ is how we can do it. All it will take is a little of your time and effort. When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. Together we can finally break the chains that have held us for so long, and build a better future for us all. Join ‘Amend the 13th’ or one of its ‘A.I.M.’ Initiatives today (contact info below). Ride for your right-to be free. To join ‘Amend the 13th’ or one of the ‘Autonomous Infrastructure Mission’ Initiatives go to: ‘Amendthel3th.org or write: Amendthe13th @ riseup.net

Amend The 13th Coordinating Committee
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The Netherlands

For Complete Information please visit:
Amendthe13th.org – Twitter: @Amend_the13th – Facebook: /Amendthe13th