Prisoners Human Rights Rally Sister March in San Jose-Cali

The SF Bayview posted this report on the Millions for Prisoners Marches that took place on August 19th around the country.

In New Mexico, the local news station had this report from Albuquerque.

Thanks to Sillicon Valley Debug, a glimpse of the march against prison slavery, for prisoner human rights, in San Jose, CA, where Heshima’s speech was also made audible.


Ramona Africa was a speaker at the DC rally. Here she is being interviewed:

Bradley Allen wrote on IndyBay: Solidarity in San José with Millions for Prisoners March in DC  (with many photos)

Here is an article by Jared Ware, entitled As A Nation Grapples With White Supremacy, The Millions For Prisoners March Comes At The Perfect Time (it unfortunately does not mention our efforts, but we know we are part of a larger movement anyway)