Please donate towards our Typewriter fund for Amend The 13th!

Update July 20 2017:
We were able to order a typewriter for Abdul, which he shares with Heshima, and Heshima has been able to mend his old one. Thank you for donating, this really makes a big difference!

We sent donations gathered for Malik to him, but we are still short of funds for his typewriter. We need about 200 USD still!

We have been crowdfunding to get Amend The 13th-founder Heshima and Free-Speech-Society-founder Abdul typewriters, as well as our Abolish13- Texas inside-coordinator Malik.

photo of an electronic typewriter for prisoners

These are the types of electronic typewriters allowed in CA prisons

Typewriters, however old-fashioned they seem to us on the outside, are very important for authors, essayists, inventors, artists, correspondents in prison. The ones sold to people inside via official vendors often break soon, because during collective cell searches the typewriters are often malhandled.

Also, in the SHU (solitary confinement) the prisoners are not allowed dust caps on their electric typewriters, and therefore the machines degenerate quickly. Now that Heshima and Abdul are in general population, the issue is mal-handling of the machines during cellsearches. Malik however is in Texas in solitary.

The typewriters allowed need ribbons, correction tape and paper. This all costs money. This is where the men need our assistance.

Our crowdfunder is hosted at YouCaring, a platform that does not take extra % of donations. It works via Paypal. You can also contact us and make a donation directly to us via Paypal (whch we will make visible on the crowdfunder), but we can unfortunately not accept cheques.

Right now we have enough for one typewriter of the 3 we need. If we now have 16 people donating 25 USD each, we could buy 3 typewriters excluding ribbons, paper etc.

Please share this post with people who may donate, however small a donation, everything is welcome 🙂 THANK YOU!!