Alone, by Robert King

From the additional text accompanying this video with Robert King:

“Robert Hillary King was the opening speaker for the inaugural TEDx Alcatraz. In this talk, “Alone,” King takes us inside the mind of someone wrongly convicted of a crime, the consequence of which was an unfathomable 29 years of solitary confinement in Louisiana’s Angola State Prison. Arrested as a member of the Black Panther Party in the 1960’s, he quietly reflects, “I was going to be in prison, but wasn’t going to let prison be in me.” In this talk, King shares parallels between modern prison and African-American slavery of centuries before. Upon his release, he vowed that while he is free from Angola, Angola will never be free of him. Robert King has been featured in numerous print, media and film articles and interviews worldwide including CNN, National Public Radio, NBC and the BBC, as well as two films, Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation and Land of the Free.”